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V VISSI: revisit - Collection of Sustainability

CompanyV Visionary Design Studio
Lead DesignersVickie Au
Design TeamV Visionary Design Studio
ClientV VISSI : revisit - The Collection of Sustainable Fashion
CreditsUpcycling Fabric from Lanificio F.lli Cerruti 1881
Prize(s)Fashion Design of the Year
Project LinkView
Entry Description

V VISIONARY aims to co-created with the experienced-profession, fashion & apparel stakeholders to design and customize sustainable and ethical products.
Sustainable fashion is a process of fostering change to fashion products and what we are doing is a new prospective to the fashion system.

We believe that sustainable initiatives are the key to bring positive impacts in making a better environment to the community and world.

Through re-exam and re-invent of materials and production methods. The design of each products are unique and innovative.


Vickie is an experienced Fashion Designer with 20 years in fashion industry, skilled in trend analysis, corporate's branding and imaging, retail, wholesale, fashion design and education. She recently focus on the business about "FASHION for SOCIAL GOOD" to extended her business not only in fashion but also be a social innovator, curator to demonstrate the new norm between “Fashion, Business, Community, ECO-Conscious” by Collaborative, Innovative and Sustainable. Her first sustainable fashion brand was launched at 2019.

Awards and Prize

The "V VISSI;revisit", Collection of Sustainability obtained the Hong Kong Design Funding and Social Innovation Funding in Hong Kong at 2020. In addition, her design ranges from managing a fashion apparel collections that are commercially viable to developing signature pieces for fashion show.

The latest works had been featured in:

International Fashion Show
London Fashion Week FW 2018 at the Somerset House, London. The collection of "House of V" was selected by the renowned UK Fashion Magazine "Wallpaper" as London Fashion Week A/W 2018 editor’s picks
New York Coterie Trade Show (TMWR) at the emerging leading designer corner 2017 -2018 at Javits Center, New York
Copenhagen Fashion Week FW 2017 at Thorvaldsen's Museum, Copenhagen

Asia Fashion Show
Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week SS 2017 at Hikarie, Shibuya Tokyo
Shanghai Fashion Week SS 2019 at DFO International Showroom, The Bund Finance Center, Shanghai
Shanghai Fashion Week 2016 - 2019 @ Ontime Show, Westbund, Shanghai

Hong Kong Fashion Week
Hong Kong Designer Show @ Centerstage SS 2019, Fashion Hong Kong
Hong Kong Designer Elite Show @ Centerstage SS 2016,2017 and 2018, Fashion Hong Kong